Central Córdoba beat Atlético Tucumán at José Fierro

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It was the first pre-season friendly that both teams made and the people from Santiago, with an almost completely renewed team, won 2 to 1.

Little by little the ball is starting to roll in Argentine soccer and in this case Atlético Tucumán and Central Córdoba played their first preseason friendly at the Monumental José Fierro stadium: the victory was for the Santiago residents by 2 to 1.

The match was played in two halves of 40 minutes each and Sebastián Ribas scored the two goals for Central Córdoba, while Leonardo Heredia scored the only one for the Tucuman team.

The match was very even and all the goals came in the first half: Uruguayan Ribas opened the score at 13 minutes, Heredia put the transitory tie at 26 minutes and finally Ribas sealed his double at 35 minutes.

Alfredo Berti, coach of Central Córdoba, arranged the following starting team: Alejandro Sánchez; Ismael Quilez, Franco Sbuttoni, Oscar Salomón, Jonathan Bay: Juan Galeano, Cristian Vega, Ariel Rojas, Juan Vieyra; Claudio Riaño and Sebastián Ribas.

The line-up that Ricardo Zielinski lined up for Atlético Tucumán was with Cristian Lucchetti; Gustavo Toledo, Guillermo Ortiz, Yonathan Cabral, Luciano Monzón; Guillermo Acosta, Cristian Erbes, Leonardo Heredia, Nicolás Aguirre; Augusto Lotti and Javier Toledo.

In Central Córdoba, Mateo Montenegro for Quilez entered the second half, while Atlético Tucumán made the following variations, also in the complement: Marcelo Ortiz for Toledo, Lucas Melano for Acosta and Matías Alustiza for Aguirre.

As for his football news, Atlético maintained the base of the team and seeks to recover the good performance it has had in recent years and that has led him to play international cups, while the Central Córdoba squad had a lot of change and DT Berti is looking for the team.

The Atlético Tucumán press department had an important day at the José Fierro stadium, despite the loss to Central Córdoba, because broadcast for the first time a live game of the Dean on the club’s official YouTube channel and was seen by about 80 thousand people.



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