Celin (18) and Julie (19) are the national team future

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LILLESTRØM (VG) They are only 18 and 19 years old, but national team manager Martin Sjögren already puts the label «modern players» on Celin Bizet Ildhusøy and Julie Blakstad.

Vålerenga player Ildhusøy and Rosenborg striker Blakstad are at their first gathering with the A national team, and they are not affected by the seriousness at all. We have seen this as we have followed the training at Lillestrøm the last week.

The 2001 models represent something new, states the national team manager.

– They have a different profile than the players who came earlier. These are more modern. They have a functional technique, good physique and understanding of the game. They are young and must have more experience and be involved more often in this context, but this is very exciting for the future, says Martin Sjögren to VG.

Before the meeting with Wales on Tuesday, the national team management had also called in 18-year-old Emilie Bragstad (Rosenborg), but she had to report due.

– Emilie is also a player who is very exciting. If you look at the offer of young players in Norway, it looks quite promising. We had the fifth youngest national team in the World Cup and we have an age structure that will be better if we go to a new championship.

So what are the characteristics of the two who have been allowed to try out for the national team this week? Here are the boss’s assessments.

Celin Bizet Ildhusøy, one goal in 13 games for Vålerenga in the Toppserien this year:

– She has made a very good impression. Her hallmark is the attacking game. She is good technically one on one and she has made great strides in the last year when it comes to being part of a team. It is about relationships and the understanding of the whole. She will continue to develop the cutting-edge properties, then she will fill in with basic knowledge and gain more understanding of the importance of the defensive game.

Julie Blakstad, six goals in 12 games for Rosenborg in the Toppserien this year:

– She has been a very great talent, and now she has taken another step. Julie has been relevant to us before and has been closest to the outlet. She has had a very good season and shows a maturity in her game. Physically, she is far ahead and she has a good understanding of the game. These are all important parameters when going from talent to senior player. It also does not hurt that she is left-footed, Sjögren states.

National team veteran and captain Maren Mjelde (30) thinks “the new ones” take the level unashamedly fast.


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