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The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, returned to Madrid yesterday at noon, after having left for Bilbao last Friday, a little less than two hours before the state of alarm in Madrid came into effect, sources from her ministry report and while the authorities asked not to leave the capital on the occasion of the Pilar bridge.

The same sources have explained that Celaá’s departure was due to the fact that he suffered a “colic” and his family doctor asked him to visit him.

His house in Neguri (Vizcaya) has graffiti calling for his resignation. His daughters called the police after the events, as ABC has learned.

The minister’s departure generated a stir on social networks, where some users posted photos of the minister on top of an Air Europa plane (UX 7153) from Madrid to Bilbao at 2:45 p.m.. That same Friday the minister had on the agenda a ceremony in Pamplona at 12:00 with the minister Big-Marlaskay the president of Navarra, Maria Chivite, which was postponed due to the convocation of the extraordinary Council of Ministers in which the state of alarm was approved.

Sources from the Ministry of Education have confirmed to this newspaper that the minister left on Friday to attend a medical visit due to a “colic.” «The minister was in Bilbao on Thursday because the next day she was going to participate in an act in Pamplona. As the extraordinary Council of Ministers was convened last night, the minister returned to Madrid yesterday Thursday, when he began to feel unwell from colic. Celaá got scared and spoke with her GP, who told her to go see himHence this Friday’s trip to Bilbao, where the minister has her usual residence.

Participation in the National Holiday

The same sources assure that Celaá is “fine” and has returned to the capital. Tomorrow Monday he will participate in the National Holiday in the Royal Palace.

Asked to the sources of Education about the controversy generated in networks in which an alleged witness says that the members of the cabin crew closed the plane curtain so that it is not seen, the sources explained that «Celaá does not hide, she does not have to»And that in any case that was an airline procedure. The fact that he left through a special door “is for the security protocol that is carried out with the authorities.”

The head of Education, born in Bilbao, has several properties in the Basque Country. One of them, located in the exclusive urbanization of Bernago (Vizcaya) and valued at 1.55 million, was involved in controversy after being revealed in the media that it was not included in the declaration of assets to the BOE.



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