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The national coronary virus data was also presented by the national chief physician on Friday. Cecília Müller reminded that in the last 24 hours the new coronavirus infection was detected in 1293 new Hungarian citizens, which increased the number of infected people in Hungary to 43,025. The death toll peaked again, this time with 33 chronic patients dying from coronavirus infection, bringing the death toll to 1,085 and 13,134 already recovering. The number of active infected people is 28,806. 32 percent of the active infected, 42 percent of the dead, and 30 percent of the recovered are from Budapest. There are currently 1,642 patients with coronavirus hospitalized, 171 of whom are on ventilators.

The deceased, the national chief medical officer continued, was between 20 and 90 years old, so after that it can be said that

The young man’s underlying disease, according to the government information portal, was pathological obesity and anemia. The national chief medical officer highlighted that the other deceased also had one or more chronic illnesses, and all of them had illnesses that were very important to take care of. He added, there are life situations where age or other risk factors exacerbate the course of the infection.

Cecília Müller stressed that as the number of people treated in the hospital increases as the number of infections increases, it is very important to follow the rules. Older people need special care because

He also pointed out that about 4 per cent of nursing homes had the virus, which means that in 96 out of a hundred, neither cared for nor cared for is sick. In 12 of the institutions involved, there is only one positive caregiver, in 28 the number of positives does not exceed 10 people.

Cecília Müller also talked about how our way of life will change as winter approaches. At such times, we move less, stay more indoors, and our diet is different, so he stressed the importance of paying attention to a balanced diet. He spoke about the importance of daily fruit consumption and also said that it is especially relevant during this period, as there are still many vitamins in the fruit at this time. He emphasized eating 3 servings of vegetables or fruits a day, and said of the servings that

In English, consuming 3 fists of apples or grapes a day is recommended because it is important to take in vitamins and fiber. In the winter, we need to make up for vitamins – especially the importance of vitamins C and D – because then the fruits no longer contain enough of them for us. It is recommended to take 2,000 IU of vitamin D a day, he added. He also stressed the importance of plenty of fluids, he believed that the most expedient to consume water, of course, can also drink juice.

Cecília Müller also discussed the negative effects of smoking and alcohol consumption. He said that

He stressed that we need 30 minutes of exercise a day, light cardio exercise, but he also suggested taking at least ten thousand steps a day.

He explained. “Social life is very important for everyone,” the national chief medical officer concluded, “but those who do not live in the same household are advised to keep their distance from other people. You can also live a social life on the internet, he explained, and he advocated that. And about hand washing, he said it’s such a simple thing that we tend to wave it, however, removing pathogens from the hand surface is always necessary. He also drew attention to the frequent ventilation of enclosed spaces, especially in educational institutions but also in homes.

When asked about this by a journalist, Cecília Müller replied that the quick tests work well. If positivity is found, it is also compared with a pcr test. In detail, based on the experience so far, if a positive result was obtained in a quick test, the result was also positive in the subsequent pcr test. He added, however, that if the quick test shows a negative result, the basic suggestion is to perform a pcr test as a confirmation. He highlighted that if someone is admitted to an institution with a suspicion of coronavirus, a quick test can be used to immediately determine if the patient is coronavirus or not, so the patient will be taken to the appropriate place of care more quickly.

He said. National chief veterinarian Lajos Bognár said at the press conference that we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus by following the general hygiene rules during home cooking, as the pathogen is killed above 60 degrees. Food production plants in Hungary are subject to particularly strict rules, compliance with which is particularly important during the epidemic period, he indicated, so he asked companies to pay special attention to compliance with the rules.

He stressed that it is very difficult to get authentic information these days, so there is all the information you need to know about food safety from the Nébih website.



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