The date of the coronavirus vaccine that the Anglo-Swiss pharmaceutical company will produce and distribute AstraZeneca is, to this day, a mystery. Last Wednesday, the company announced that it was temporarily suspending the last phase of its human clinical trials because one of the volunteers had developed a “potentially unexplained illness”. So though Oxford announced this Saturday the resumption of work, the date given by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, a few days ago (which would arrive three million doses in December) it seems unlikely.

Oxford Resumes Covid Vaccine Trials After Days Off Due To Adverse Reaction

Furthermore, it seems impossible according to the statements of surgeon Pedro Cavadas. In an interview in COPE, has assured that although “it seems that there will be a vaccine at some point”, “microorganism and effective vaccine they are not two concepts that are necessarily linked”. In this sense, he added that “there are microorganisms that after trillions of dollars invested do not have an official vaccine.” “More money was invested in the AIDS vaccine… And there is no vaccine”, Has sentenced.

Thus, the prestigious surgeon has emphasized that hurries are bad companions on this trip in search of the vaccine, as he has warned that they are “skipping” phase 3 of the clinical study, “the important“:” Some say that on the weekend we will all be vaccinated. That’s not real”.

This is not the doctor’s first warning about the coronavirus. When China reported in the first weeks that the death toll amounted to 170 and the number of infected, to 7,711, Cavadas assured that they were not real figures. “You don’t have to be very smart to think that they are 10 or 100 times more“, He declared before adding that China” is not the most transparent country in the world. ” He also based his claim on the construction of the ‘mega hospital‘which the Asian country carried out in three weeks. “When you build a hospital with 800 100-ton backhoes in three weeks, it’s not a joke,” he added.

Dr. Pedro Cavadas in an archive file.
Dr. Cavadas criticizes the management of the coronavirus crisis: “It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well”

In this way, Cavadas warned in January of what would come, even being branded as “alarmist” and accused of “propagar bulos” by colleagues when saying that the Covid was contagious “easily” and was “very aggressive.”

In addition, in August he charged hard against the management of the central government. “It has not been the virus but the response that has caused an impoverishment in Spain”, assured the surgeon, who defended that “the result of the mismanagement of the measures to combat it is more harmful than the virus itself since it has a low mortality”.

In a statement made after a visit to the Valdehuesa Wild Fauna Museum (León) at the end of last month, he warned that it was necessary to “prioritize”, because “health is paid for with money and if you destroy the economic fabric then you don’t have resources to combat the disease ”. He also asked for an “audit” because he did not believe it possible that Spain, “which is not the first country in anything in the world, is the first in mortality, in cases and in economic impact.”