Cauã Reymond, wearing a towel, rides on his daughter’s bike and waves the web: ‘I zoomed in’

Philadelphia declares curfew to combat riots

The authorities of the American city of Philadelphia have issued a curfew to stop new demonstrations and riots. The city has been troubled...

Marshall Islands confirms its first cases of Covid-19

The government of Marshall Islands, a small nation in the South Pacific that had so far avoided the covid-19 pandemic, confirmed that it...

The US lives the most expensive electoral campaign in its history, with a total cost of 14,000 million dollars

The total cost of the electoral campaign in the United States will reach a record level of $ 14 billion (11,911 million euros), which...

Ex-official of Trump administration registers as anonymous author of revelation – Trump wants man indicted

Former U.S. National Security Agency official and Chief of Staff Miles Taylor reveals that he wrote an outrageous article about Donald Trump’s administration published...

Mass protests against the abortion law in Poland

The streets of various cities of Poland They have once again been the scene of massive protests for the seventh consecutive day, against...

Artistic nude of Cauã Reymond and Mariana Goldfarb animates famous

Last month, Cauã Reymond shared a photo of an artistic nude next to the woman, Mariana Goldfarb, made by Mario Testino. Honored “Noix”, subtitled the actor, who returns to TV as twins in the soap opera “Um Lugar Ao Sol”. The model also posted the record and joked in the caption: “Bundinhas”. The record left the couple’s followers excited, including several celebrities. “In this case, let’s move on!”, Said Ivete Sangalo. Luma Costa praised and made a request: “Beautiful thing, post more!”. “Jesus!” Snapped Juliana Paes, adding a fire emoji. “Wow! How beautiful!” Said Romana Novais. Sabrina Sato was also delighted with the post: “Most beautiful photo”. The actor Wagner Santisteban joked: “Bundeca!”.

Cauã Reymond realizes his daughter’s behavior change during isolation: ‘Ripening’

Sofia is the result of the relationship between Cauã Reymond and Grazi Massafera. During social isolation because of Covid-19, the actors have shared custody of the girl. In a recent interview, the artist said that he noticed a change in the girl’s behavior. “It is interesting that Sofia gained a voice in this quarantine. She decides when she wants to go, where she wants to go. I see a maturity on her part. She dreams about school every day. I was surprised at my daughter’s lucidity,” he said. the actor. He also compared the girl’s relationship with technology: “She is taking classes online. I am not very much in favor of leaving Sofia with a screen in front, but in the quarantine, I did.”


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