Cauã Reymond talks about the mother’s death and mentions difficulty after loss. Look!

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A year and a half after the mother’s death, Cauã Reymond spoke for the first time after the loss. At the time, the actor moved away from the soap operas to be with Denise. “I think we are experiencing an anxiety crisis in the world. I don’t think so. I would venture to say that we are experiencing an anxiety crisis. A lot of people dependent on medication, etc. I lost a super close person, very important in my life, and they were moments when I was more anxious “, reported to the podcast” Jornada da Calma “, by Helena Galante, on the air on Spotify.

Cauã Reymond tells how he recovered mental health

Cauã sought help to recover his mental health and bet on meditation. “I started looking for breathing techniques, which automatically led me to meditation, guided meditation. I am in this search. It is a huge universe when we stop to think about the flow of thought”, he commented.

Actor talks about social isolation

Isolated due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Cauã said that quarantine was not the easiest. “I’m a guy who loves to talk. I suffered a lot in the pandemic. I didn’t know how much I liked people, how much I needed to meet people, listen to stories. I feed on what I see in the world. I’m very curious. So, I missed this exchange “, he explained.

Artist comments on relationship with daughter

Sofia’s father, 8 years old, Cauã opened the game about his daughter’s upbringing, in which he noticed a maturation in the period of seclusion. “It must be difficult for the children to have famous parents. Mine handles well since I was a little girl. I established that I wasn’t going to take a picture when I was with her. Then one day, I took a nudge and she said, ‘Take the picture, dad.’ funny, because she was directing me and helping me to be her father within this universe of ours “, delivered in a recent live with Fabio Assunção.

Cauã Reymond evaluates heartthrob label

Defined as a heartthrob, Cauã considered the label. “Heartthrob was very annoying, it irritated that. I love being an actor, I love my craft, I give myself a lot. I am like this in life, I give myself to the characters and people say: ‘You were beautiful in that novel’. When I saw you in ‘The King do Gado ‘(1996), I thought:’ If I’m an actor, I want to be like him, who ‘catches’ the kittens in the soap opera “, he joked.

Actor has already considered stopping: ‘Abandon public life’

Cauã also recalled the decision of Ana Paula Arósio, who starred in the miniseries “Os Maias” (2001) with Fabio, to leave the artistic career. “Sometimes it makes me crazy. A desire to disappear and abandon public life, because it is difficult, right? Do you feel that too?”, He asked. “I never wanted to stop. The press that deals with television actors could be kinder and less invasive, because it is crazy. I am no older for paparazzi. I’m just that, actor. I go there, do my job and leave. But this exhibition doesn’t scratch my passion to be an actor “, answered Assução.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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