The phone is big and thick, but the finishes are very good and the design is ergonomic. I wouldn’t say it’s elegant, but it doesn’t have style either. I stick to ergonomics and industrial design.

Returning to the dimensions, the length or width is probably not unusual, but the thickness of 11.9 mm and the weight of 248 grams will attract your attention. Let’s not forget, however, the category to which it belongs, resistant phones for hard working conditions. I am referring to construction sites, working in wild environments, oil rigs, etc.

The buttons are large, protruding and placed at the right distance, so that they are easy to use and with gloves, without confusing or touching them by mistake. On the right is the ribbed on / off button, above the volume buttons, and on the left, in orange, a softkey, useful for walkie-talkies (PTT), SOS (application for isolated workers), for quick launch of the flashlight or camera.

5.7 inch screen type TFT LCD has protection Corning Gorilla Glass 6, FHD + resolution (1080 x 2160) and 18: 9 ratio. It can be used with wet hands and responds well to use with gloves, but for this you need to activate an additional function in the menu, the screen section (glove mode). The screen has balanced colors, good contrast and is bright enough to be used in direct sunlight. However, it’s not as bright as the screen of a premium entertainment smartphone.

Let’s also talk about “motorization”: under the resistant housing there is a processor Snapdragon 660, an Adreno 512 graphics processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which can be expanded with MicroSD card up to 256GB. The data card space is shared with the second SIM.

On the operating system side we have Android 10, with the possibility of updating to 11. The interface is as clean as the S42, instead there are several applications pre-installed. There is also the Toolbox application market, developed by CAT, with all kinds of useful tools and OfficeSuite. The phone is supported Android Enterprise, coverage for security updates for 2 years +1 year coverage ESMR and assistance zero-touch.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

One of the most useful applications, for professionals, on the CAT S62 PRO, is the thermal camera, the first at the top in the image. It uses a module Lepton 3.5.

In the picture we have the menu of the FLIR application (My FLIR PRO) through which this camera is accessed. We see two desktop computers, one on (D) and the other off. The red areas are the ones with the highest temperature, where the heat produced by the system is eliminated. On the upper band we have marked the values ​​between which the temperatures fall, from 23.7 to 31.9. The camera measures temperatures in the range of 20 ℃ to 400 ℃.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]Not having the specific environment for use for such applications, we used it at home, do not laugh at the next picture in which we have a pot on fire and the minimum, average and maximum values ​​of temperatures.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

I was going to show you how to see some pipes through which hot water passes compared to those through which cold water passes, but I happened to have no hot water. If you are from Bucharest, you probably understand. However, I found another situation more suitable for the thermal chamber. I started the Antutu Benchmark application on a smartphone under test and photographed at the beginning, after 2 minutes and after 5 minutes, from left to right.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

The application also has the option of filming, Time-Lapse and YouTube-Live. Watch a short FullHD video recorded with the thermal camera.

Overall, I think I “played” more with the thermal camera than with the classic camera, because it has a lot of interesting applications and options and because it’s a novelty, at least for me.

FLIR is not only an application, but also a manufacturer of thermal equipment. More details here.

I did, as in S42, the wash test with water and detergent. I wiped it with a towel and it still worked perfectly. That’s because of the standards MIL SPEC 810H and IP69/IP68 water and dust resistance.

The main camera of the CAT S62 PRO is wide, it has a 12MP Sony sensor with dual pixel technology and f / 1.8 aperture. Shoots up to 4K / 30 fps (3860×2160). Here we enter an area where you are usually afraid to talk on a rugged smartphone. Well, the camera isn’t sensational, but it’s super ok. It also has digital zoom up to 8x. Up to 3x is really ok.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

Good focus, balanced colors, dynamic range ok and results in good photos during the day and acceptable at night.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

The night images have little noise in the dark areas, nothing out of the ordinary.

The front camera, selfie, has 8MP and shoots up to 1080p.

4K filming per day with CAT S62 PRO. I greet the young man who waved at me, I didn’t notice when I was filming.

FullHD night shooting at 30 fps. Surprisingly, the image quality of the night is better than that of many flagship smartphone terminals.

When filming but also when photographing, there is a lack of optical or at least electronic stabilization.

The Cat S62 has a single speaker at the bottom next to the USB-C port and lacks the Jack (3.5 mm) jack, quite strange for a rugged smartphone. The volume is loud, but it doesn’t distort the sound and I noticed that it highlights the voice, probably a matter of software. The bass is good, the highs are ok and, overall, you have a satisfying experience if you are careful and do not cover the speaker.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

For a rugged smartphone, the sound quality is extraordinary.

Gaming with a rugged smartphone? Yes, the specifications allow you to run cutting-edge games with average graphics settings.

And Asphalt 9.

The 4000mAh battery is not very big for a durable smartphone with a screen at this resolution and the fast charging could be more efficient. CAT S62 PRO charges from 0 to 100% in about one hour and 30 minutes. The AccuBaterry app made the following estimates: 6 hours and 38 minutes of lit screen (SOT) and 71 hours and 6 minutes of mixed use.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

Given that I used it a lot for pictures / videos, games and fun in general.

And some synthetic tests, from left to right: Antutu, 3DMark and GeekBench.

CAT S62 PRO, premium durable smartphone [TECH REVIEW]

I think I said almost everything that could be said about CAT S62 PRO, let’s draw a conclusion. A durable smartphone that has all the qualities necessary for hard working conditions, but that copes with brio and ordinary daily demands. With premium specifications for its category and applications for industrial use, CAT S62 PRO can be a solution for those who make the field, but also care about the image. With a price around 3000 lei, it is definitely not for everyone.