The picture of Chloe Dygert falling behind a guardrail during the cycling world championships in Italy, cycling fans were shocked. The current world champion ran out of options to revalidate her gold and, what is worse, suffered various injuries of some severity, which have forced him to begin a progressive rehabilitation to return to compete.

Two months later, his recovery is meeting deadlines. Little by little he is gathering strength, although still ostensibly limping, and to prove it, he has shared on his social networks one of his daily exercises, with a very special companion: His cat.

“Superseries with some added weight”, he has written to accompany the video, in which he sees his pet hallucinating a bit. Beyond the anecdote with the feline, it is seen that Dygert’s recovery goes for a long time. He still has a hard time moving his left leg, which was broken in the fall of Imola, and he will not force himself if he wants to be at 100% for his great goal of 2021, the Tokyo Olympics, where it is one of the great candidates for gold.