Castex announces a new push in vaccinations with Covid

Jean Castex revised Wednesday the vaccination goals in light of the spread of the Delta variant. He now targets 50 million first-time shots by August 31st. This is thanks to 5 million appointments that were opened “within 15 Days”.

Jean Castex, TF1 said “In the fourth wave, we’re there,” and that contaminations had increased by 140% in a week.

The Prime Minister stated that 96% of 18,000 Covid-19-infected people identified Tuesday had not been vaccinated. This prompted the executive to impose a new strain in the vaccination campaign.

The head of government engaged in a delicate trial of timing, and announced that five million new vaccine slots will be available in the next few weeks. There is also a goal of eight million additional first-time vaccinations. .

Jean Castex increased the limit to 50 million, surpassing the target of 40 million people having received at least one dose in August.

Castex stated, “It’s a very ambitious goal, but it also shows that our will have understood the gravity”

The Assembly is currently looking at the bill that extends the health pass to restaurants, cafes and transport. However, Mr. Castex has provided detailed information about its use, controls, and how it works.

Managers of public establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, and museums, that are open from Wednesday through August, will need to inspect the sanitary passes at the entry, but they will not be responsible for verifying the identities of the people who present them.

A tolerance of one week will be granted to do “pedagogy” following the entry in force of the extended healthcare pass, with “the time for sanction” only coming after.

On the other side, Mr. Castex recalled that there would be no “health pass in schools” even though the executive plans to speed up the vaccination campaign for 12–17-year-olds.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister stated that “devices will go to” will be deployed at the beginning and end of school year in middle schools and high schools to provide “indoor vaccines”.

In the context of an epidemic resumption discotheques which just reopened for a quarter of their former customers, are “under severe vigilance” especially in “departments in which the incidence rate is exploding”.

The Prime Minister also sent a strong message of firmness to those who “comes to acts of violence” protesting against the vaccination. “We will not be defeated,” he said, referring to those who “alluded the yellow star or Holocaust, attack parliamentary office, set fire to vaccination centres.”


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