Castells replies to Ayuso that there are doctors but Madrid pays little

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He Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, he has denied lack of doctors and he has said that in the case of Madrid it is not true that there are no doctors, as stated by the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has asked the Spanish Government to allow them to hire non-community professionals to face the pandemic.

When talking about the need to validate the titles of doctors from other countries in the face of the health crisis, as Madrid has requested, for example, Castells has opined that “it is not true”, that there are “many doctors”, but that many in said community precarious conditions and they have to go to private medicine, to another region or abroad.

Castells explained that his department is carrying out an “accelerated process” of sanitary validations, which reach about 1,900 in 2020 and to which 50 MIR and 300 from last week are added this Friday.

For the Minister of Universities, it is necessary to prioritize resources and in his opinion it should be done in the field of health and education. The study of health certificates is being prioritized, and it has continued, obtaining “all the necessary guarantees”.

Regarding the homologations of health degrees throughout 2020, this week there were 1,832: 1,471 in Medicine, 157 in Nursing, 73 in Physiotherapy, 42 in Nutrition, 8 in Pharmacy and 81 in Others. Of these, 1011 were agreed during the state of alarm: the majority of Medicine (792) and Nursing (121). According to the Ministry of Universities, there were also 85 technical approvals.

By country, the highest homologations of doctors are from professionals from Venezuela (372), Cuba (327), Colombia (180), Argentina (144), Bolivia (81), Ecuador (74), Peru (48) and Mexico (44 ).

Education ‘online’

In his third appearance in Congress since March, Castells has commented that he plans to regularize “online” education this course and that he is preparing a decree law that establishes the necessary requirements for a university to be called that and to take advantage of university legislation , although the communities maintain the decision to create them or not. It has also advanced that it intends to raise the scholarships for University Teacher Training (FPU) in 2021 from the current 850 euros to 1,000 euros.

On the other hand, he has stressed that sometimes it is “exaggerating” to focus the focus of COVID infections on young people, but has said that any behavior that does not reflect social responsibility must be controlled, a task that could be carried out by a responsible figure in the university “with sanctioning capacity”.

“The virus plans us but we must have the ability to adapt quickly and win at that,” stressed the Minister of Universities regarding the teaching model that must be followed, mixed, face-to-face and not, but without wanting to have “a model ‘online’ complete “.



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