Iker Casillas participated this Friday in the V National Congress against Sudden Death. A series of talks carried out online in which the goalkeeper spoke about his experience, the heart attack he suffered in May 2019.

The great luck is that it happened to me in the training field and not on the street or at home. From when I fell to the ground until the catheter was made, only 40 minutes passed, “he said.

As for how his life was the days after leaving the hospital, Casillas confesses that he was afraid: “At first I lived with more fear and fear, especially the first months. From night to day you cannot walk 100 meters without feeling drowned. You feel a huge frustration, especially when you are used to demanding physical exercises, “he explains.

Although, despite the fact that life is not the same as before, Casillas is feeling much better: “Now I continue with my cardiological check-ups and taking care of my diet, healthy habits and laying the foundations to be well. Little by little I have started to exercise, I do not feel as well as before, but, with the passage of time, I hope I can be the same, “he added.