Cartoon Title Maker Kit Hand-Drawn And Stop-Motion

Looking for a fun and creative project? Check out the Cartoon Title Maker Kit, perfect for hand-drawn and stop-motion animations. Get yours today!

Creating Cartoon-Looking Titles with the Hand-Drawn and Stop-Motion Cartoon Title Maker Kit

If you’re looking to add some fun and whimsy to your video productions, look no further than the Hand-Drawn and Stop-Motion Cartoon Title Maker Kit. This Full HD kit for Adobe After Effects allows you to create cartoon-looking titles without any special plugins, using a set of hand-drawn and stop-motion animated backgrounds with text effects over them.


  • The kit includes six styles of classic frame-by-frame animated backgrounds:
    • Colored Pencils
    • Wide Pastel
    • Chalks
    • Aquarelle/liI

    • Watercolor

    Animation User Presets for Text, Shapes & Photos Included!

    Included in this package are 22 animation user presets that make it easy for anyone (even those new to After Effects) to use this software effectively. These presets include options like fills or outlines specifically designed for text , shapes , photos as well as simple random position/rotation without any effects.

    Bonus: Original Soundtrack Used in Video Preview Included!

    The original soundtrack used in the video preview is also included within this archive so that users can have access not just visually but audibly too if they desire it! This adds an extra layer of polish onto your final product which will surely impress viewers who watch.

    Create Your Own Unique Design Variations Using Customizable Scenes Sequence And More!

    The possibilities are endless when using the Hand-Drawn & Stop Motion Cartoon Title Maker Kit since every aspect can be customized from fonts/colors/background textures down even changing up scenes sequence.

    Even better still – there’s no need worry about compatibility issues due its flexibility allowing complete control over duration/fps making sure all projects render out seamlessly.

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