Pablo Carreño will play the second semifinals of Grand Slam of his career, after defeating Denis Shapovalov in the quarterfinals of US Open, in a memorable match that went to five sets and lasted for more than four hours. Was a frenzied duel who initially sided with the Canadian, but who the Spanish knew how to redirect and finish winning, despite conceding a painful blank set in the fourth set (3-6, 7-6, 7-7, 0-6 6-3).

Both Carreño and Shapovalov took to the track determined to seek success, leaning on their styles and weapons and playing bravely. The world’s number 16 took the lead and achieved two breaks with which he took advantage in the first round.

The man from Gijón sought a reaction by trying to take the game to the trenches, where he managed to assert his greatest experience and solidity from the bottom track. Of course, he had to fight until desperation, as he saw how up to eight break balls escaped and did not equalize the score until he took an exciting tiebreak.

Carreño took advantage of the positive inertia to start the third set with a break That boosted his morale even more, but Shapovalov managed to slam the table and even things out again. This point was also decided in sudden death, in which neither of the two tennis players wrinkled, when Carreño took advantage of mistakes from the Canadian to close the set with two memorable points.

Everything seemed to be going face to face for Carreño, but nothing could be further from the truth. Shapovalov reacted at the beginning of a fourth set that ended up being a nightmare for the Asturian, since his rival got to sign 16 winning shots and became a hurricane that took the game to the fifth set in a seen and not seen.

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The Spaniard needed to hit the table and cut the wings to the American, something he achieved by stepping on the gas in the seventh game, taking advantage of the precipitation of his rival and sealing the long-awaited break after a double fault from Shapovalov.

Pablo Carreño sneaks in again in the semifinals of a ‘big’ And it is not by chance. You will see faces with Alexander Zverev, who starts with the favorite poster but already knows what the Spanish is capable of.