Caron Pilbeam: Overtaking in Mugello is not easy

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The chief racing engineer of the Renault team, Caron Pilbeam, spoke about the expectations from the Tuscany Grand Prix in Mugello …

Q: How does the team assess the Italian Grand Prix?
Keron Pilbim: The race in Monza turned out to be very unusual due to the closure of the pit lane during the first safety car. Some of the riders understood the situation perfectly, others did not. We didn’t gain anything from this, but we didn’t lose either, considering the start from the seventh and twelfth positions. Finishing sixth and eighth is not so bad – we have earned a lot of points in the constructors’ championship.

Q: What do you know about the Mugello circuit?
Keron Pilbim: Mugello is a new track for us. A few years ago, the teams took part in tests here, but then the cars were completely different, so the information gathered will not help in any way this weekend.

Most of the track consists of medium-speed and fast corners with a long straight line, so you have to compromise when choosing the downforce settings. The best overtaking opportunity will be in the first corner after a long straight, but the turn itself is not very slow, so overtaking will still be difficult.

Question: How will the team prepare for the performance on the new track?
Keron Pilbim: At the beginning of the weekend, our priority is to give the riders the opportunity to pick up speed on the new track, sort out the settings and evaluate the behavior of the tires. This weekend we have the toughest lineups, so it just won’t be.

Mugello is the first of several tracks that we have not visited for several years, so we will have a new interesting challenge.



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