“I want to leave this 2020 behind. Since what happened to me personally in February I have no doubt that I need this year to pass, that we close it completely, put it closed in a drawer and never open it again. In the end they have me many things have happened and very hard, “explained Marín in an interview with Europa Press, after a few months in which he suffered the loss of his father and saw the Olympic Games suspended due to the pandemic.

The Huelva-born woman is turning the page “fully recovered” from the knee injury she suffered in January 2019. “How before? I don’t like to compare. I feel quite well, although it does not mean that it is an operated knee and maybe I don’t have the flexibility Total as before. But it bends perfectly and I have gained all the muscles that I had before, even more. I feel very well and very sure of my knee, “he said.

The Olympic and world champion stars in the docuserie ‘Carolina Marín. I can because I think I can ‘, which premieres this Friday, October 19 on the Amazon Prime Video platform and where you can see first-hand how he recovered from that injury, among other aspects of his personal and sports life.

“Physically it was obviously painful, especially since five days after the operation I was already with the racket in hand, sitting in a chair with my leg high. Mentally it was also quite hard because with a serious injury, a lot of things happen to you. head, insecurities, fears, if I will be the same as before, if I will be number one again … All those heads go through your head, “he reflected.


With his sights set on the future, Marín will play a tournament in Denmark next week. “At the moment I only have this tournament. We will see what the pandemic lets us play. We will live from day to day, seeing what the international federation decides,” he resigned, after the three important tournaments that were held have been postponed until January. they were going to celebrate in November in Thailand. For its part, the Games were moved to next summer, but the player does not rule out the definitive cancellation of the Olympic event.

“It does cross your mind. All of this started in March, we are already in October and it has been many months without competing. On the other hand, they make it clear that the Olympic Games were going to be held yes or yes, perhaps even without an audience. Honestly, I believe that until the last moment we will not know if they can celebrate or not. The health of the athletes is important and putting us all in an Olympic village is something quite risky. I imagine that all the security and restrictions will be in account “, he stressed.

More room remains until the World Cup in Huelva, scheduled for November 2021. “It would make me very angry if in my Sports Palace, with my name, in my city, there would be no public. There is still more than a year left, we hope that for that then the pandemic is over. But the Olympic Games are more special because they are every four years, we have a World Cup every year. They are my two main goals for 2021, “he summarized.


The Andalusian feels “quite mature” to face all these goals. “I am already 27 years old and I have participated in many high level competitions against the same players. We know each other perfectly. I do not know if I have reached my peak of maturity, but it is clear that there are many years of high competition” , he remembered.

Regarding the 14 years of coexistence that his coach Fernando Rivas accumulates, a relationship that “has ups and downs like all relationships,” he highlighted the thoroughness of his coach.

“For the Olympic Games we had all the details planned in case anything could happen, so that nothing mislead me. We even controlled how it could affect me if my parents were kidnapped. How can it affect me if a fan tells me something, or the 2018 World Cup, when I played the semifinal against a China with 5,000 Chinese in the audience. There are many things that we try to control from Spain, “he said.

Finally, Marín acknowledged that “it was a bit strange” to feel that a camera was always following him. “I have never carried a camera either in training or in competition, but the entire production team understood what our life was like and they have adapted very well. The medals are very beautiful, but nobody can imagine the people who I have around me and thanks to this docuseries you can see many things that people cannot even imagine, “he concluded.