Carol Dias shows belly after pregnancy: ‘No waist, flabby skin and marked line’

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Carol Dias showed the body two weeks after giving birth to Esther. In conversation with the followers, the wife of the ex-soccer player Kaka said that she had four pounds left to return to her pre-pregnancy weight. “I still have no waist, very flabby skin and a well-marked line,” said the model. Showing fans the day to day real maternity, Carol reported that she had a little difficulty with breastfeeding. “It was very painful, it hurt well, but with 12 days [os seios] they have already hardened, “he commented.

Carol Dias tells if she plans to have more children

Enjoying every moment with her daughter, Carol revealed that she thinks about growing the family with Kaka. “Let’s see if my husband is excited,” suggested the model, marking the athlete in the post and then stating that he would like to have a “little boy”. According to Carol, the stepchildren, Isabella and Luca, are “in touch” with their younger sister. The influencer also said that she is having a great time in her relationship with Kaka. “I love it more than ever,” he declared.

Model has nurse help in caring for Esther

Carol continued to answer curiosities of Internet users on Instagram and explained why she hired a nurse to help her with the baby, with whom she combined a look when leaving the maternity ward. “We hired a nurse. It’s been great, it helps a lot. Usually, a nurse has greater technical experience and a more professional and less emotional relationship. Nurse also stays less time. Nanny can stay throughout the child’s childhood “, he detailed.

Kaká woman reports on childbirth

Last week, Carol reported Esther’s birth on October 8th. “Midnight my bag broke and anxiety started to hit. It was 8 cm dilated. At 2 am, the pain intensity only increased and I finally reached full dilation. I was dying to meet my Esther. I went to the stool and there we started to see my queen crowning, I already felt her little head. My body was exhausted, I started to repeat that I was not going to make it. Kaká hugged me from behind and repeated that I was going to make it, the whole team was in the crowd “, he said.

Influencer gives details of the experience

Carol then concluded: “That was the most inexplicable part for me, I felt my body faint, I felt like I was going to pass out at any moment, but the next minute I was pushing harder, and then one, and then another … At 3:43 am, my queen was born. He came straight to my lap, didn’t cry, and fixed his eyes on me and Dad, and there he looked at both of us as if he already knew us. We stood there embracing, the three of us. Daddy cut the cord and we stayed there for a while. This is the scene that I will always keep and that makes me cry non-stop! The most exciting moment of my life! “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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