Carol Castro makes request when releasing pacifier for 3-year-old daughter: ‘It gives you comfort’

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Carol Castro shared a series of photos together with her daughter, Nina, 3, the result of her marriage to musician Felipe Prazeres. In the caption of the post, Bruno Cabrerizo’s girlfriend, with whom he has been in relationship for just over a year, made a request regarding the little girl. In the images, Nina appears with a pacifier in her mouth. “And before they judge my daughter, we are going through a pandemic. Something we had never experienced or felt. If we adults are confused and still learning to deal with all that is happening … imagine the children who cannot more to see your friends, play in the square, go to the beach, go to the school … “, he enumerated.

Carol’s daughter doesn’t stay on a pacifier all day, guaranteed actress

Away from the soap operas since “Órfãos da Terra” (2019), in which Helena lived, Carol said that despite her age, the daughter feels the pandemic moment, which has spread for almost eight months in Brazil. “They feel everything we feel and what is in the air. I am not going to take from her, in such a strange and reclusive moment, what gives her the most pleasure and comfort. Then I worry about that”, she justified. “If you have to use a device … you will use it. The important thing is the moment now. And now she needs support, affection, attention and dengo. , pondered the actress, who played the daughter’s hairdresser in this period of isolation.

Carol addressed followers who are parents: ‘Think about your children’

Following, Bruno’s girlfriend, with whom he exchanged kisses after rehearsing the actor’s play, gave his followers advice. “Think about your children. When you are going to demand something in this period so heavy and crazy that we are living … think about the human side of that being under construction. We must give support, lap and not just rules and demands. Love and understanding always!”, wrote, adding that he maintains the rules to prevent the contagion and spread of Covid-19. “Here, we remain at home. Taking care of ourselves. Preserving ourselves. Thank you to the boy up there for being able to do our part with a roof, food and health. That sincere gratitude that doesn’t fit me. Really! All of this will pass. Especially if we care about the other and not only about ourselves “, concluded Carol.

Sandy pointed out guilt for ruling out 2nd pregnancy

Theo’s mother, 6 years old, the singer said in an interview that she does not intend to increase her family again with Lucas Lima, her husband since 2008. “Do I think I should? I think. Would it be a good companion for my son? Would it be. Guilt? We have , we have that too. But I don’t want another child, no “, stressed Sandy. “I already ask myself too much for not being available anymore. Because there is work, other things in life. Imagine having two? I won’t do it. I can’t do it,” concluded Xororó and Noely’s oldest daughter.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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