Carlos Tevez, between his great level in Boca, the concern for his father and Aguerre’s injury: “I have bad luck with Newell’s goalkeepers”

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The forward scored the first goal for his team in Rosario, where the local goalkeeper dislocated an elbow in a play with Apache.

Carlos Tevez is in a great moment in his career and is a figure in almost every game. This was the case in Boca’s 2-0 over Newell’s, a match in which the scoring opened. But then he collided in the area with Alan Aguerre and he was injured. “I’m unlucky with the Newell’s archers.”, He said Apache in relation to an event in the past. And he was also concerned about his father’s health.

Shortly before Mauro Vigliano lowered the blind in the first half of the game, the unfortunate play occurred that resulted in the injury of the local team’s goalkeeper, who he dislocated his right elbow when going to dispute a ball with Tevez.

The image undoubtedly recalled what happened in 2016 in La Bombonera, when in a play with similar characteristics and with the Boca captain also as the protagonist, the injury of Ezequiel Unsain, who, while stopping at Newell’s, suffered a double fracture of the lower jaw after colliding with the striker and was out for a year.

This time, unlike that one, in which there was a clear knee – unintentionally – on Unsain’s face, Tevez’s touch does not seem to have any effect on the injury: as far as is known Aguerre’s is a dislocation and from what can be seen in the images it appears to have occurred in the fall.

Logically, the Newell’s goalkeeper could not continue on the field of play: he was replaced by Ramiro Macagno.

At the end of the 2-0, Tevez spoke of the play with Aguerre: “We both played each other. He is going to lock with his hand and I with his foot. I have been having a lot of bad luck with Newell’s goalkeepers. You don’t want to hurt a colleague. Hopefully he recovers soon. “

In 2015, Charlie Brown He starred in another unfortunate episode, which would remain etched in his career: that of the exposed fracture of the tibia to Ezequiel Ham, from Argentinos Juniors. The Apache It was very bad for him, with the iron, and he took it off the courts for a long time.

When asked about his footballing moment, Tevez praised the coach: “I think the click I did it a while ago. Miguel knows where I like to play and he makes me play there. He has a lot to do with this present: he gives me the freedom to play where I feel comfortable, “Carlitos analyzed.

Tevez reached 89 goals in 252 games with the Boca shirt and remains in 11th place in the historical table led by Martín Palermo with 236 and only three by Juan Román Riquelme. “Russo is getting me good back”, full.

Although it is not all rosy, since his good professional moment does not match what he is experiencing personally. Concerned and with his sensitive open heart, he spoke of the health of his father, Segundo Tevez, who keeps the whole family on alert.

Adriana’s husband, Fabiana’s sister, who is Carlos’s biological mother, had coronavirus in August and was discharged after being hospitalized for 45 days. Now again health plays a trick on him.

My old man is not well, but football today gave me back that little time to forget about the bad things and be able to enjoy a little. I am very grateful. I’m having a hard time, I’m not going to lie to you. I have to contain my old woman, my brothers. It is a very difficult moment for many Argentines, “said Tevez.

He also added: “It’s hard for me. I have the backing of my colleagues, Miguel and the people of Boca, who continue to be behind me and make me not lower my arms.”



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