Carlos Sainz: One and a half days of tests is extremely short

At a press conference before the Bahrain Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz was asked about McLaren’s chances of finishing third in the constructors’ championship.

Carlos Sainz: “I don’t remember how many teams are competing for third place in the constructors’ championship. The main thing is that we need to give our best and win this third place. It seems that Racing Point is ahead of us by 4-5 points, but this is a negligible difference when there are three more races before the end of the season. I don’t remember what a gap we have from Renault and Ferrari, but it doesn’t matter – there is no point in thinking about any one team, you have to fight at the limit with everyone.

The fight in the middle of the peloton is incredibly sharp, but we still manage to stay in it. In most of the past races, we managed to earn points, we almost did not make mistakes – and took advantage of the mistakes of our rivals, which helped a lot.

When it became clear that I was leaving McLaren, Ferrari and I thought a lot about how to approach the first tests in the best shape. I suppose we could conduct tests with the car in 2018, but I still have a commitment to McLaren, I would not want to be distracted from the current tasks.

In general, a day and a half to work with today’s incredibly complex machines is extremely short for a full preparation. You need to understand the features of behavior, master all the switches – even if you have previously worked with them on the simulator. And also – to work well with mechanics, engineers – it’s hard to do everything in a day and a half! The situation is as it is, but I’ll try.

It is good that in recent races the Ferrari team has increased in speed – it seems that they have managed to solve some of the problems that have been observed since the beginning of the season. They themselves were not satisfied with their own speed, but they showed all the stamina and managed to make progress. I look forward to the opportunity to personally ask them how it turned out, but first you need to have a good three remaining races with McLaren. “



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