Carlos Sainz: My father is a unique person

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These days Oviedo honored Carlos Sainz, two-time world rally champion, and four-time winner of the Dakar rally-raid, and the last time the famous Spanish racer was able to win this most difficult competition in 2020 at the age of 58.

On the aggregate of merits, yesterday he was awarded the prestigious prize of the Princess of Asturias in the field of sports, and today, together with his son, Carlos Sainz Jr., who plays in Formula 1 for the McLaren team, he met with fans and journalists.

“I will never forget that I was with our family on these special days,” Sainz Jr. shared at this meeting. – My father is a unique person, but being his son is not easy, because he sets the bar very high. At yesterday’s award ceremony, people came up to me and said: “Well, next time it will be your turn to receive it.” As if becoming a laureate of the Princess of Asturias Prize is some ordinary story.

In fact, very few people are awarded this award, and my father sets such high standards that it is more and more difficult for me to reach him. But his example motivates me incredibly.

Now I rarely visit our house in Madrid, but when I am there, I can wake up at 8 in the morning to have breakfast and go to the gym, and my father, it turns out, is already from 7 in the morning either sitting in the sauna, preparing for the next Dakar, or riding a bicycle.

I am 26 years old, I am an athlete who has not yet reached the peak of my career, but I do not need to train so intensely. However, I see how it works, and it motivates me …

Formula 1 is so complicated that sometimes I myself do not understand everything. My father is interested in a lot, he asks questions about the car, what needs to be done to increase the speed, but there are things that are very difficult to explain. Of course, I try, but I always return to the hotel tired, and when he starts asking about something, I say that everything is fine, but now I need to sleep … “



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