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With a very risque message, Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani apologized to the French president for his criticism of radical Islamism.

The sheik Abdullah Al Thani, president of Málaga, was again in the eye of the storm. He had been surrounded by judicial decisions, given his poor performance at the head of the Andalusian club, and now he exceeded without measuring consequences. He used his social networks to publicly threaten to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

“If there is no official apology for all Muslim countries regarding racism speech, incitement to hatred, we will recommend the offensive actions of the Messenger of God, so bear the consequences“the sheik wrote on his Twitter account.

The message was a reply to another from the French president that said: “Nothing makes us stop, ever. We respect all differences in the spirit of peace. We never accept hate speech and defend rational debate. We will always uphold human dignity. and universal values ​​”.

In addition, Al Thani also used his Twitter account to promote the boycott of the Islamic countries towards France.

“There are other Western countries that should be boycotted, We will not forget offensive movies or cartoons, nor will we accept those campaigns directed against the Islamic religion, directing hostility towards it and underestimating the master of humanity, and allowing all fools to offend. to our Prophet and Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, “he postulated.

The trigger for this confrontation between the sheikh and the French president, which is giving a lot to talk about, is Macron’s criticism of radical Islamism, following the recent assassination of Samuel Paty, a professor of Geography and History who was beheaded after showing the cartoons about Muhammad from the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Al Thani’s words have generated a huge stir on social media, especially among Malaga fans. At the same time, the news has reached France, where they observe with disbelief the words of the one who still appears as one of the presidents of a Spanish club that not long ago was walking around Europe.

All of this happens simultaneously with the case brought by the Court of Instruction Number 14 of Malaga, which investigates alleged irregularities in the management of the club. On Friday, without going any further, a statement was taken from three former directors of the club accused of the crimes of fraud and money laundering in relation to the purchase of shares, according to judicial sources confirmed to Europa Press.

This procedure began as a result of the complaint filed by the Association of Small Shareholders (APA) of Malaga against Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani and three of his sons, for alleged irregularities in the management of the club, since they were part of the council of administration of it. In general, the alleged crimes of unfair administration, corporate crime and money laundering are investigated.


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