A Russian submarine anti-submarine frigate, Kazanets, collided with a Swiss-owned cargo ship, Ice Rose, in Danish waters near the Sound bridge at about 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Ice Rose was on her way from St. Petersburg to Gothenburg.

The cause of the collision is not clear, but there was a heavy fog at the time of the incident. Each of the ships was heading a slightly different course in the same direction, which could lead to a collision.

Ship in Russian territory

None of those on the cargo ship have been injured and externally, the damage to the warship Kazanets was also minor. However, the Danish authorities were not allowed on board.

– It is a Russian state ship and we do not have the authority to board the ship or order it to remain on site for investigations. We have been in contact with them and they said that there is no panic and the situation on board is under control, says the Danish Maritime Administration’s duty officer Klaus Rasmussen news agency for TT.

No oil spills were detected from either vessel.

Shortly after the collision, another Russian ship arrived and set out to escort Kazanets north.