Carey: Domenicali is perfect for F1 leadership

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We wrote that from January 1, 2021, Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey will transfer powers to Stefano Domenicali. In the Beyond the Grid podcast, the American businessman spoke about what he expects from the new leader …

Chase Carey: “I know Stefano Domenicali: he is the head of the FIA ​​commission for racing in single cars and with many signs. He came to motorsport long before me, and his achievements speak for themselves.

I came to Formula 1 from the outside – this was a definite plus, it seemed to me that the sport needed serious changes and a new vision. But now, for a successful future of sport, we need someone who will continue our business and help Formula 1 develop.

One of the most important qualities of Stefano is that he understands sports, knows everyone and can immediately start working. Everyone treats him with respect. Sometimes it seems to me that in this role you are in the epicenter of a hurricane, but Stefano is a balanced person, he will cope with any unpleasant situation, he will be able to establish harmonious relationships. Combining this quality with a unique experience, it is perfect.

Its first task is to make wrestling more spectacular on the track. There should be rivalry, action, when even a weak team can have a chance to win. He needs to create healthy working conditions for teams.

Finally, any leader must seek balance in the short and long term. The short-term perspective is 2021 and 2022, when new regulations and new cars will appear. But we also have long-term tasks – stable business development, creation of a new generation engine.

Formula 1 must develop commercially. We are doing a lot in the digital field – this is very important for its future. We are improving television broadcasts, conducting demo runs, developing virtual races, creating podcasts, expanding the geography of sports, and so on. But all this is based on a spectacular fight – the fans want to see it. And this determines what Formula 1 will be like in the short and long term.

The work with the calendar for the next season is coming to an end. There are a couple more issues to be resolved. We started compiling it later than usual – due to problems with the calendar for this season.

The calendar for the next season is more like the one we usually plan it. We do not know how things will be with Covid-19 next year, and how we will deal with them. But we are planning races and are going to invite fans to them. I hope that next year everything will gradually return to normal. “



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