Practice sports after having suffered the Covid it might not be a good idea. This has been warned by various studies that have addressed the effects long-term of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the heart.

Michael Ojo, the 27-year-old center who died of cardiac arrest, had tested positive for coronavirus

This is how the publication collects it Wired, which in an article has compiled the opinion of several American cardiologists. One of them is a doctor and professor of the Ohio State University, Saurabh Rajpal, who has explained to the aforementioned magazine that a new protocol developed by the university for athletes who have suffered from Covid includes the Obligation to undergo different tests – clinical examination, a blood test, an electrocardiogram and an MRI- before resuming workouts.

The goal of these new precautions is to prevent the pandemic from causing tragic heart injuries among student athletes. It should be remembered that last August it was learned that the basketball player Michael Ojo, the pivot of the Red Star, died after suffering cardiac arrest after testing positive for coronavirus.

Between June and August, 26 OSU athletes from different sports came forward for testing after having recovered from Covid-19. MRIs revealed inflammation of the heart muscle, a sign of myocarditis, in four of them. Of them, two had never experienced any symptoms of Covid-19. These results, in fact, have recently been published in the journal JAMA Cardiologistand.

“Because the athletes’ hearts were not scanned prior to their Covid-19 infections, and because they were not compared to controls (similar people who did not contract the virus), it is impossible to say for sure whether the virus caused the damage observed, “explains Rajpal, one of the study’s co-authors, adding that other viral infections cause myocarditis and SARS-CoV-2 is no different. “It is important that people know that Covid-19 can affect the heart”, he warned.

Persistent heart inflammation

These problems don’t just affect athletes. Other study Larger observational study conducted in Germany earlier this summer with 100 non-athlete patients with Covid-19 detected persistent cardiac inflammation and other cardiac abnormalities in 78 of them.

According to Eric Topol, a US cardiologist who corresponded with the study authors, 12 of those people did not have any symptoms of Covid-19. This study was later corrected for statistical errors, but its authors confirmed that the main conclusions still hold: even a mild course of Covid-19 could damage the heart.