Cardi B defends Offset of attacks after separation: ‘Don’t disrespect my daughter’s father’

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The end of the marriage of Cardi B and Offset became controversial on social networks. This week, the interpreter of the hit “Me Gusta”, in partnership with Anitta, spoke about the attacks that her ex-husband has been receiving. According to her, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, the rapper never used his fame to be in the spotlight. “While everyone tried to rob me and give me a hard time with jobs for little money, he made sure that he came up with the right contracts and never asked me for money or tried to take advantage like everyone else.”

‘You will not disrespect my daughter’s father’

Separated, Cardi B did not miss the opportunity to pin Offset. “The guy is an idiot, but he’s not a bad person,” he fired. To the fans, the singer was very direct. “I don’t give a fuck ** if you don’t like him. I won’t talk to him, but you won’t disrespect my daughter’s father. If he dies, you won’t be the ones who will raise my daughter and pay for her shit” , completed the mother of two-year-old Kulture Kiari.

Separated, Cardi B demands pension and legal expenses for her daughter

A fan of the Brazilian backcountry, Cardi B filed for divorce after nearly three years of marriage to Offset in a court in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The two will perform on November 4, according to court documents submitted by foreign websites. According to TMZ, Cardi B asked the court for her daughter’s principal and legal custody and demanded that her ex-husband pay child support and legal expenses. Offset is rap and a member of the hip hop group Migos.

Rapper denies betrayal caused end of marriage

Before the divorce, Cardi B and Offset had already broken with the romance in 2018. In an interview given last year, the owner of the single “WAP” admitted infidelity on the part of the singer at the wedding: “He deceived me, I decided to stay with him and work, but many women were disappointed with me “. But this time, the singer says the decision to split was just a strain on the relationship. “This time I didn’t cry. I didn’t shed any tears. The reason for my divorce is not because of any of that shit that has happened before. It’s not because of cheating,” he said on live on Instagram in September.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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