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He has not yet entered the “bread”, but Nicușor Dan has started to have a real vision on the economic situation of the Capital City Hall.

Romanians are a little tired of hearing apologies for the “legacy” from the old leadership, but Nicusor Dan is put in a very difficult situation by the administration of Gabriela Firea. On Sunday evening, the new mayor of the Capital explained in detail why the ambitious projects he has for Bucharest could be negatively influenced by the debts left by the former mayor.

Currently, the main project of the new mayor is “keeping the ship afloat.” Beyond that, however, he has some clear ideas. “We have to start with finances. Just like in a family, you need to know what you’re relying on. Unfortunately, at the end of 2019, PMB’s current debts were 3 billion lei. It seems that the mayor’s office is not transparent at the moment and we do not know the exact figures, but it seems that the current debt is somewhere around 4 billion lei. This means that a City Hall budget, ie the money you have to spend in 4 years, is already spent by the administration.

In other words: in 4 years the money was spent for 5 years. The first thing we need to do is see what the payment schedule is, so that we can keep the ship afloat in the coming months and, on the other hand, let go of the European funding team so that in the coming years we can do some considerable investments: surface subway, rehabilitation of the tram line “, stated Nicuşor Dan, in a show on România TV, quotes Agerpres.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban also intervened with some statements related to the inefficiency of Gabriela Firea, starting with the fact that her excuse related to the money that did not come from the PNL government is not justified. In the context in which 3 out of 4 years of mandate took place during a PSD government, she always had to be productive and chose not to do so. At the same time, the official drew attention to the urgent need for a reorganization in the City Hall.

“I don’t know how many companies that have been set up that are doubled by the administration. You have 2-3 companies that deal with green spaces, parks, but you also have an administration. (…) A security company was also established. I don’t understand why you have security guards, when you also have local police. There is something there… The formation of the team is also about the realization of the administrative structure of Bucharest, because what is today is a mess. (…) There is something there, a generalized turmoil, it is trampled on, we run budgets, they don’t have a mission, things need to be clarified “, Orban added, adding that European funds must be obtained.


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