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A documentary of BBC complaint on the illegal sale of arms by the North Korean communist regime links the Catalan Away Cao from Benós with a plot of arms trafficking. The unofficial ambassador of Spain in North Korea considers that this work, released this Sunday, is a product “skewed, staged and manipulated”.

“I never gave my consent or was consulted with respect to appearing (in the documentary), to participate consciously or to defend myself in an interview proper in the film ‘The mole’,” explains a statement in English sent by Cao de Benós to Efe at be asked by him controversial movie.

‘The mole’ (‘The mole’) directed by Danish Mads Brügger, play back filmed meetings with hidden cameras between two Danish men who pretend to be businessmen and the North Korean Korea Narae Trading Corporation (KNTC). During the film, in which he is sometimes seen in the North Korean military uniform, Cao de Benós boasts of his access to and influence with the Pyongyang regime.

KNTC, with Cao de Benós acting as apparent middleman, supposedly offers to sell all kinds of military equipment, including Scud missiles or anti-tank rockets, and also products to make a drug similar to methamphetamine.

The honorary delegate for cultural relations with Pyongyang, who also chairs the Korea Friendship Association (KFA), assures that ‘The Mole’ is fully biased and its purpose is not to be journalism but sensationalism “with the aim” of increasing the turnover and income “of Brügger and the rest of the producers.

Cao de Benós argues that suspected one of the actors in the documentary that he posed as a businessman and that was why he lied and staged the alleged operations that are seen in the documentary when “he started talking nonsense about producing weapons.”

“I lied and I prepared a huge show and a fake sales promotion to impress him because he wanted to get more information from him and see what his true purpose was or if he really wanted to get involved in something illegal, “he says.

The president of the KFA adds that the North Korean government) has never proposed to him to get involved “or to go in search of businesses that involve weapons or drugs.”

The latest report of the Panel of Experts on compliance with the UN sanctions on North Korea published in September already reported activities of Cao de Benós as supposed intermediary of KNTC’s operations, which, according to the document, used accounts in the Spanish name to receive 7,100 euros.

The panel, which says it “continues to investigate” these activities, believes that this may involve Cao de Benós’ participation in a joint venture with North Korea that would violate international sanctions.



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