Candice Renoir, the eight-season French police comedy, arrives

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This Monday 19, AXN will premiere this agile fiction about a policewoman, mother of four children, who makes her clumsiness and sharp eyes her best weapons.

Tagged on various impersonal portals as “Drama series”, Candice Renoir has all the numbers to earn the label of comedy in a police code. That is very clear after having seen, complete, the first three seasons. Perhaps in the exclusive dilemma of comedy The dramaIt must have been difficult for more than one to put it solely as a funny story, because in the plot there is always a criminal, a death, a murderer.

But the truth is that takes and humorously portrays the personal and professional life of the title commander, which this Monday 19, at midnight, will premiere the AXN signal.

Fiction aired in France since April 2013 It has already been eight seasons and it is a good dish to qualify the quarantine. It is agile, has a handful of narrative layers that allows you to navigate through the Candice at the police station, the Candice trying to fall in love again or the Candice who succumbs often to raising her four children.

It is all and it is the same, with that ability that French television has to turn a simple story into an interesting story.

Starring Cecile Bois, the series that has already broadcast 68 episodes (less than an hour) part of the day on which Candice Renoir decides to go back to work from what she knows, after ten years accompanying her husband’s travels around the world. Already far from him, he joined the Sète Police as a commander, in the Montpellier district, with more desire than good acceptance of others.

The new arrives, that would be the concept that floats in the environment, gossip that forces her to show that again she has nothing, although the lost decade left it somewhat outdated.

Therein lies the grace of this production premiered by France 2 seven years ago, which leaves her in off side with phrases out of date, like a half-old-fashioned boss. But Candice manages to impose her shrewd eyes and her cunning to untie cases. Surprising. And from there, and as the chapters go by, you will see how he begins to gain the trust of his teammates, always clinging to her nice clumsiness and a certain bizarre touch of its aesthetics.

The series is more her than the case of the day, but the case of the day justifies his role as a policeman and, from time to time, intersects their worlds so that Candice’s head finds the key to her investigations in some daily episode.

Faced with the threat of bullying Initially, more than one will immediately take sides for this woman who wants to be liked at all costs. And that the house is often turned upside down, with four children who demand it mercilessly. In the midst of these intense scenarios, she proposes to open up again to love, far from the omnipresent figure that her husband had in her life.

It is not Braquo nor is it any other more traditional French policeman, nor is it the typical French comedy, with acidity and mischief. Candice Renoir it moves in several registers at the same time and shows a woman who rolls up her sleeves to lead a complex life, to which she adds color to both her forms and her wardrobe.

It is a simple recipe, which maybe in the stretch of its seasons it will repeatBut it ends up being a nice cable option in times of streaming flood.

Qualification: Good


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