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The Mexican resort of Cancún, on the Caribbean coast, received this Thursday the first commercial flight from Europe after almost seven-month suspension derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lufthansa line flight originating in Frankfurt (Germany) landed at the Cancun International Airport and Air France flights will resume next weekend, reported Darío Flota Ocampo, director of the Tourist Promotion Council of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo , where Cancun is located.

Upon receiving the Lufthansa flight, Flota Ocampo highlighted that the only flights that arrived in Cancun from Europe were “rescue and were not commercial flights.”

Felipe Bonifatti, CEO of Grupo Lufthansa for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, pointed out that the “reconnection” flight with Cancun is a good sign for the airline and for the sector in general, as it arrived with 260 passengers and its capacity is 279 .

On this first flight, passengers arrived from Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Hungary, Egypt, Italy and France, among other nationalities, and it is expected that on his return scheduled for this Friday he will transfer tourists from various countries.

“We know that among the passengers who will return to Europe tomorrow via Lufthansa’s direct flight to Germany, tourists will travel who are currently coming from the United States and Central America, and even from Brazil, because it is one of the first flights available to return to Europe” said Flota Ocampo.

During the reception of the flight, it was reported that Before the pandemic, the airline had three weekly flights from Cancun to Frankfurt and two to Zurich (Switzerland) and with its subsidiary Edelweiss Air, there were five weekly routes from Cancun to destinations in Europe.

“We started with two from Frankfurt, at the end of the month we will have a third and on Saturday the one from Zurich will return, which is also ours. By the end of the year there will be two more frequencies, so that we will be in December the same as we were before the pandemic, “said the manager.

He explained that the company is aware of the importance of the destination of Cancun for the tourism sector. “We know that where planes and cruise ships arrive, there is growth and development,” he added.

According to information from Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR), a company that operates the Cancun International Airport, this Thursday, October 1, 252 operations were scheduled, of which 121 are arrival, 66 national and 55 international.

Regarding outbound flights, 131 operations were scheduled, 72 to nationals and 59 to international ones, mainly the United States and Canada.



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