A reality TV star with incurable cancer Janita Lukkarinen, 27, tells on Instagram about his well-being for a long time.

– The hospital spiral continues, the forces are diminishing, and I can’t write my own hands anymore, he says along with his Instagram image update.

She praises the flower shipments she received for the sick bed. The severe pains have not disappeared anywhere.

– As I told you, I have an epidural with anesthetic, he says.

– Thank you to everyone who has sent angels and prayers to me. But it feels like this is no longer in the hands of angels or God. Rather, it is an everyday twist of hell. I am sending angels and prayers to everyone, now the forces are not enough anymore.

In Instagram stories, Janita Lukkarinen says that doctors have not made hopeful predictions. He previously lived for a short time in Terhokodi, from where he moved to his home for convalescent care and from there he has visited the hospital when necessary. Janita is now being treated at Hyvinkää Hospital.

He’s not sure if he can get home from the hospital anymore.

– The saddest of all is that doctors don’t give very much time, he says.

She says she asked the friend’s mother to arrange a little Christmas for her.

– I want to experience Christmas before I die, Janita moves on to the stories on Instagram with the video she added.

Lukkarinen’s cancer diagnosis came in 2018.

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