The government announced new interest rate recommendations on Thursday. In the future, more detailed restrictions will be decided regionally.

Managing director Timo Marjamaan does not yet know whether the new recommendations will affect the Veikkausliiga.

– They’re a little vague. Local regional agencies make interpretations based on these. This can certainly be followed by regional amendments and regulations. After that, we will see what the situation is, Marjamaa tells Iltalehti.

According to Marjamaa, however, it was positive that the government specified external and internal events at its press conference. This is probably a sign that the restrictions would not automatically apply to all sports.

– The stadiums are large and we already have a lot of limited capacity. The stadium occupancy rate has been approximately 20 percent. We already started to require the use of a face mask on our own. We try to keep events as safe as possible, Marjamaa explains.

It would be important for the Veikkausliiga to have the Regular Series played to the end, as according to Marjamaa, at least 22 matches are needed to determine the rankings.

The regular season ends on October 29th. After that, the championship series of the six best teams and the series of the six weakest challengers will be played.

– We monitor this situation every day to see where we are going and whether we need to react. We hope to be able to play until the end of the season.

Is it possible to react by truncating or not playing the sequel?

– Everything is always possible. Even playing without an audience. All possibilities exist. One has to look at what can or cannot be done.

RoPS to Helsinki?

According to RoPS and HIFK, the final series should be played unless the corona situation is completely out of control.

The stakes are high as the struggle is tight at the tip. In addition to the championship, the fate of the three European League places and the time of the Fall to the First is unresolved.

– There would be a lot to play. It would be fair to get the full five rounds played. Preferably after the regular season, rather than in the middle of the final series, the CEO of HIFK Christoffer Perret line.

Rovaniemi, on the other hand, is worried about the weather, as it is expected that the sequel will be played well into November.

– Snowfall has already been forecast for this weekend. If there is a meter of snow in November, we can’t play here. The reserve field is the CEO of Töölö Stadium, RoPS in Helsinki Risto Niva updates.

– It’s up to the lord. Sometimes here at the end of October there is a meter of snow already 30 degrees below zero.

“Is this going to be anything”

HIFK and RoPS believe that current security measures go a long way. However, there is also the option of banning the public event, which becomes an option during the dissemination phase.

It would have a major financial impact on the Helsinki club.

– If the number of spectators is further limited, we will not be able to sell any tickets. We would even have to draw lots for which season ticket holders get to the venue. We might have to return money that has already been received and used.

According to Perret, all clubs have a strong will to finish the season. Without viewers, however, it would be difficult.

– 1-2 rounds can be played that way. The series would be unequal if played somewhere without an audience somewhere and somewhere with the audience.

– Veikkausliiga clubs need to consider what to do if certain places catch up. This was the case in the number one in Vaasa and Pietarsaari.

The story continues after the picture.

Perret was in a different mood even a week ago when one HIFK employee became infected with a coronavirus and one player was exposed. The CEO himself was quarantined.

However, the club avoided the worst as the infections did not spread to the team.

– Then I wonder if this will be anything. The corona did not spread to us anywhere, but everything has been tested negative. Now there is a feeling that there is not much left. If this were to be clarified.

Marjamaa hopes that the season can be played.

– We have reached the final meters well. Let’s try to tuck until the end of the season and handle this in an exemplary way.