The new state of alarm has raised doubts about what can and cannot be done. Among the practical aspects of everyday life on which questions may arise are those related to the maintenance of private vehicles. Can you go to the ITV review during these days if you had an appointment?

Security allows you to move to a large area or similar closer to the municipality of residence

In the beginning, yes. The centers for technical inspections of vehicles will remain open for the duration of the state of alarm (unless there are changes in the limitations and restrictions). What’s more, this is one of the exceptions to mobility between autonomous communities that have decided to establish restrictions, since it is contemplated to move to renew permits and official documentation.

And it is that, despite the established deadlines so that there were no crowds of vehicles when the ITV centers reopened their doors, it is estimated that there are almost 6 million vehicles circulating with the expired inspection card. It should be remembered that cars and motorcycles whose inspections expire as of September 1 did not have any type of extension and that not renewing the ITV within the established period is sanctioned with fines of up to 500 euros.

Go to mechanical workshops are also allowed, as long as the rules of capacity and social distancing between clients and workers are respected. The difference between this state of alarm and the previous one is that there is no total confinement of the population (unless, at some point, the regional presidents consider it necessary). Therefore, it is possible to go to repair the car and pass the ITV without problems, as long as they are respected the guidelines and health security measures implemented.