President of the United States Donald Trumpilla and the first woman in the United States Melania Trumpilla coronavirus infection was diagnosed on Friday. This affects Trump’s ability to campaign. There are 31 days left until the election.

Iltalehti gathered in this story what is known about President Trump’s coronary infection now and how the infection might affect the presidential campaign.

What are Trump’s symptoms?

Chief of Staff of the White House Mark Meadows said at a news conference on Friday that Trump has mild coronary symptoms.

However, the symptoms may still change direction. Trump, 74, is at risk for the corona because of his age and weight. He has remained healthy while being president, but is not known to follow a healthy diet or exercise regularly.

How widespread is the Korona in the U.S. administration?

Prior to Trump, a positive corona sample had been given by one of his closest assistants Hope Hicks. The Trump Corona Test raised concerns about the prevalence of infections in the U.S. administration.

Mark Meadows said at a news conference on Friday that everyone in the White House’s main staff had given a negative corona result.

However, the White House employs nearly 400 people in cramped spaces. The use of the mask has been sluggish.

Previously confirmed that Trump’s daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have given a negative corona sample, as have Donald and Melania Trump’s teenage son Barron.

Vice President of the United States Mike Pencella or his wife also has no crown. Pence works in his own residence several miles from the White House, and according to the White House, he and Trump’s staff are kept separate.

What about the Democrats?

Of the Democrats, the negative presidential test result has been given by the vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris during routine testing on Thursday.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has also taken the test, and on that basis he has no crown. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi said it conducted a corona test on Friday, but the result is not yet clear.

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How’s Trump’s campaign going?

According to the White House, Trump is currently in quarantine and working remotely. CNNHowever, Trump said he will not take part in a telephone conversation scheduled for Friday to discuss corona subsidies for the elderly. The Vice President will take the place of the call Mike Pence.

It was the only event submitted for Friday. The White House had canceled all other events scheduled for Friday on Trump’s calendar after the infection was reported.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepienin according to Trump, future campaign events will be held either remotely or postponed.

– All previously announced campaign events to be attended by the President will be either virtual or postponed.

Editor of Fox News Chris Wallace said on Friday that Trump is likely to be out of the campaign for at least ten days.

Trump’s absence from campaigning on the spot is a tough blow to his team as the campaign is largely based on his personality.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, continues to campaign. According to his campaign team, Biden will travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday, where Trump won in 2016.

Trump has organized several campaign events that have been attended by thousands of people in a close-knit space. Just no one has worn a mask in them. Trump has also repeatedly appeared to use masks.

It has not yet been officially confirmed what will happen to the TV debate of the presidential candidates scheduled for next week. The presidential candidates faced Tuesday in a debate in which both succumbed to inaction and the substance remained lean.

Can the elections be postponed?

There are only 31 days left in the presidential election. Democrats Joe Biden leads in polls to Trump as next president.

Elections are unlikely to be postponed because of Trump’s corona infection.

To this end, Congress should pass a separate law. Professor of Law at the University of California Rick bunnies to write on Thursday on the blogthat he would consider this very unlikely.

Should Trump die, the Republican National Committee would take care of the situation and change the name of the new candidate on the ballot paper. However, there is little time.

Another option is for the election to take place in Trump’s name anyway, but voters could still vote for a different candidate. He tells about it CNBC.