Meeting days from PlayStation 5 reaches the market, one of the aspects that is intriguing the fans is the internal storage of the console, because of the 825GB of your SSD can only be used 667.2GB.

This of course makes us begin to think about the future, because as we have already mentioned, the weight of various games on next-gen consoles will be colossal.

It is a situation that has led future users of PlayStation 5 to evaluate options such as expanding the console’s storage (something that can be done in the future) or to get External hard drives, like the ones used in PlayStation 4.

But on the latter, rumors have begun to circulate around the impossibility of storing PlayStation 5 games on external USB drives.

Now, to clarify the matter, through an entry published in the official blog PlayStation, Sony communicated everything related to Frequently asked questions of the next generation console.

About the internal storage expansion, Sony recalled that the console has an M.2 SSD port to install and play PlayStation 5 titles and confirmed that the ability to expand will come after launch as part of a system software update.

Also, the company recommended not to buy an M.2 SSD yet, as it will share its recommendations in the future.

But for what it does to store titles of PlayStation 5 on a device USB, Sony confirmed that it will not be possible, although he clarified that he is exploring the possibility that they can be stored, but not played.

Finally, the company recalled that with regard to playstation 4 games, it is possible to play them on PlayStation 5 from a external USB device, that is, you can continue using the one you use on PS4.