The new restrictions on the mobility of residents in certain areas of Madrid they will not affect for the moment those drivers whose deadline to renew the ITV was about to end during these days. This has been announced by AEMA-ITV and they have confirmed that stations in the affected areas will continue to be open and provide service.

Meeting friends, going to work, playing sports … what can and cannot be done in restricted areas of Madrid?

The ITV centers of the confined areas that will remain open while the restrictions last are: Carabanchel, Usera, Villaverde, Villa de Vallecas, Puente de Vallecas and Ciudad Lineal and the municipalities of Fuenlabrada, Humanes, Moraleja, Parla, Getafe, Alcobendas and San Sebastián de los Reyes.

From this Monday, September 28, Order 1178/2020 came into force, which restricts the entry and exit of 45 districts of Madrid. But as the same text indicates, These limitations to mobility do not apply to duly justified trips such as assistance to health centers, work or to comply with legal obligations.

Within these legal obligations, as pointed out by AEMA-ITV, It is the one to pass the ITV of the vehicle since it is a matter of road safety. In the case of residing in one of these areas on which restrictions weigh, users who have to travel due to the revision of the vehicle must justify it to the authority agent that requires them. For this, the certificate model published by the Community of Madrid can be used or by accreditation of having the prior appointment arranged at the ITV station.

To pass the ITV safely, it is necessary to request an appointment at the desired station (in addition to being mandatory to have proof of travel) wear a mask and try to maintain safety distances at all times with the center staff.