The news restrictions on mobility imposed in the 45 health areas of Madrid They are completed throughout today with the new ministerial order that adds limitations in all Spanish cities that have more than 500 positive cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants. At the moment, all of them are located in the autonomous community of Madrid.

Health proposes restricting the entrances and exits of Madrid and ten other cities and closing the playgrounds

These restrictions affect, above all, to social gatherings and hospitality, but they also restrict to a certain extent the movements of citizens residing in confined areas as well as of inhabitants of other areas.

For residents

Mobility within cities or sanitary zones on which restrictions are imposed is not limited, whether on foot or by public or private transport, but it is strongly advised to take all necessary precautions to avoid contagion. Likewise, it is mandatory to respect the distances, the gauges and the rest of the limitations that prevail.

A restriction that does affect the mobility of residents in these areas, regardless of the means of transport used, is to get out of these areas. For this, you must have some kind of justification that meet one of the following reasons:

  • Of work.
  • Sanitary.
  • Legal and judicial or to go to financial entities.
  • Of Education.
  • Due to the fact of returning to the place of habitual residence.
  • For assistance to dependent persons.
  • For other reasons of cause or force majeure.
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For non-residents

People who do not reside in these areas or localities will have restricted entry to them Unless you comply with any of the reasons stated above and can show the necessary proof.

When it comes to crossing these areas by road, any vehicle can freely travel the roads in these areas as long as the origin or destination is not any of the localities on which the aforementioned limitations weigh, without clear need to wield any kind of supporting documents.