Insurance is a condition sine qua non to drive. The need to have a policy that coversAt least third-party liability forces drivers to search among different insurers for the best coverage in relation to price. And it is that the economic pinch that supposes the annual payment of this service can reach up to 500 or 600 euros.

From the payment of this contract, it is expected that, in the event of an accident or a loss, the company will bear the costs of the repairs that the vehicle needs. However, It is not the first time that the OCU has denounced that the compensation offered is not enoughs to deal with these types of expenses.

Bad insurer practices that you should be able to spot

And it is that despite having suffered a collision, for example, with another vehicle, it is the insurer itself that takes care of the compensation, since this is easier for companies to operate.

According to the OCU, car insurers can haggle and skimp on claims. For example, giving only the market value of your car (what it would cost at the market price just before the loss), even if the cause was another identified car and despite the fact that not a sufficient amount to repair the damage.

Thus, the insured can claim greater compensation from his insurer. The steps to follow are:

  • The first thing is to give the report after the incident, but also presenting a letter in which you request an offer of compensation.
  • If the amount is less than expected, the first thing is to contact customer service.
  • Review and explain that you have the right to be paid the full repair according to the Civil Code.
  • Also request all the means you need until the repair is carried out, such as using a replacement car.
  • Advise that you will use the damage claim guarantee through a lawyer you trust.
  • Even if you do not decide to take a judicial route, get advice.
  • If you don’t get a reply, complains to the Claims Service of the General Directorate of Insurance (DGS).
  • Consider going to court using insurance legal claim coverage.