One of many risks of winter is the dearth of daytime, which straight impacts driving security by interfering with visibility each on the wheel and on the handlebars. For this very cause, bicycle customers and private mobility autos are additionally required to have a lighting system and lights that enables them each to see and to be seen once they flow into by the town.

Though they don’t seem to be motor autos, bicycles and scooters are topic to visitors rules concerning using lights and failure to adjust to them is punishable by a tremendous. The price of the sanction could be as much as 80 euros Sure, at evening, at daybreak and nightfall, in addition to on poorly lit city and interurban roads and in tunnels, bicycles don’t have the corresponding lights. It ought to be famous that, within the case to not put on the necessary reflective vest throughout the identical hours of the day, the tremendous is as much as 200 euros.

What lights to convey

On the bicycle, the lights to hold are:

  • A white place gentle on the entrance.
  • A pink place gentle on the rear.
  • A pink retro-reflector on the rear that’s not triangular.
  • Yellow retro-reflectors on the spokes of the wheels and on the pedals (elective).

Electrical scooters, additionally these for hire and use by the minute, often come geared up with a entrance gentle and a rear brake gentle. Equally, they’re autos topic to penalties for a similar cause as bicycles.

In the event you drive with the sort of car at evening, additionally it is advisable to put on reflective clothes or objects though, besides within the case of vests, they don’t seem to be necessary.