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The president participated this weekend in events in various states. His Democratic rival prefers to avoid crowds because of the pandemic.

With the elections in the United States just over a month away, President Donald Trump was attending one event after another this weekend in various states of the country, to a frenetic pace in contrast to the calmer approach of his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

The 74-year-old president’s grueling program included a panel discussion with “Latinos for Trump” in Florida, a speech on the economic situation of African Americans in Georgia, a fundraising meeting at the Trump Hotel in Washington DC, and a campaigning in Virginia.

The Republican president, lagging behind in the polls against the Democratic candidate, is under pressure to make the most of the weeks before the November 3 elections.

“If I lose to a guy who’s not campaigning …” he joked from Atlanta. “This guy never goes out. He’s terrible, huh?”

In fact, Biden traveled to Washington on Friday to attend a ceremony on Capitol Hill where the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a progressive icon, lay in the burning chapel.

But on the agenda of former Barack Obama vice president there were no events with voters.

In an attempt to mobilize his base over the weekend, Trump also announced his nomination for the vacancy left by Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, whose death last week sparked a fierce political battle.

Given the Republican majority in the Senate, the president can boast of having placed three conservative judges on the US high court, which has nine justices in all.

Trump began his journey in southern Florida, a crucial constituency in this uncertain income statement.

Biden has “been very bad with Hispanics,” the president said at the event at his golf club in Doral, near Miami.

“I am a wall between the American dream and chaos,” he assured many Latin Americans who became naturalized Americans after arriving in the country in search of a better life.

The president then flew to the neighboring state of Georgia, where Republicans have won the last six elections but could now lose. There he insisted that during his administration he did “even more than promised” for African-Americans.

“I did more for the black community in 47 months … than Joe Biden did in 47 years,” he said, alluding to the long political career of his opponent, who co-sponsored tough anti-crime legislation of the 1990s that According to many experts, it resulted in a high incarceration rate for blacks.

Trump then returned to Washington to meet with supporters before flying to an evening rally at an airport in Newport News, Virginia.

In that state, the Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam. announced Friday that he and his wife tested positive for the coronavirus.

Trump appears to dismiss concerns about coronavirus at his events, where appears without a mask and crowds often huddle together, a scenario their own government experts warned against.


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