Camilla Camargo reveals desires and a change in taste in her second pregnancy. Check out!

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Camilla Camargo explained the reason for not having a nanny to help with child care at home. Joaquim’s mother and pregnant with a girl, the actress ruled out the help of a professional at the time. “For the time being I don’t think about hiring anyone. I don’t have a babysitter at my option, I don’t feel the need right now. Obviously, sometime I will have to have help from someone to get back to work. As long as I don’t feel the need, I won’t have to,” on Monday (5).

Camilla Camargo compares second pregnancy with first

With plans to stop breastfeeding the firstborn soon, Camilla also reported the symptoms of pregnancy in the first few weeks. “The first trimester of this pregnancy was completely different from Joaquim’s. I was very sick, I was sick 24 hours a day, I was sick … I had a lot of headache and tiredness”, he detailed to fans and followers on Instagram Stories.

Actress reveals pregnant desire that has had

Camilla Camargo also revealed desires and a change in taste during pregnancy. “I’m really wanting things with vinegar. Tomatoes with vinegar, cabbage salad with vinegar … And I already had a desire for mush, but thank God I managed to solve my problem”, commented the womanTV director Leonardo Lessa.

Artist suffers from herpes during pregnancy

Recently, Camilla reported that she has suffered from herpes. According to the actress, she she was already facing the problem in the pregnancy of her first child. “Look here, my little gift of the week. During Joaquim’s pregnancy, I had herpes three times. Herpes sucks! And now I’m pregnant for the first time. That’s why I take supplements. The pregnant woman’s immunity falls a lot. We have to take care. I hope it is not the same as Joaquim’s, which I had three times “, he highlighted.

Camilla Camargo comments on routine with older son

In an interview, Camilla described the routine with Joaquim, who turned 1 in July. “I’m in a crazy rush trying to keep the house in order and taking care of him. Joaquim is in a phase of discovering many things, going up in everything, opening drawers, experimenting … So, I need to be very attentive to him. It’s not easy, I only have time to do other tasks when he sleeps. But we manage everything and I am grateful for the privilege of being at home and being able to enjoy my son for longer, “she said in a conversation with columnist Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper” O Globe”.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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