Camila Queiroz opens the game about body, diet and fitness fashion: ‘I spent 1 month without training’

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Camila Queiroz opens the game about body, training and fashion! The actress stars in a new campaign by Colcci Fitness and reveals how she kept her exercise routine at home. Climbing for the 2nd season of “Verdades Secretas”, the artist sees her husband’s company as a stimulus. “In almost 100% of the training sessions I am accompanied by Klebber Toledo, but each one in his series. I love exercising with a personal trainer because it motivates me, but for now, I have been training alone”, she highlights in an interview with Purepeople.

Camila Queiroz talks about training: ‘I didn’t feel ready’

Camila Queiroz had difficulty, at certain times, in following a regulated routine. “I started the quarantine by training well at home, improvising with what I had and accompanying lives. Then, there was a break where I didn’t feel ready to work out. It was a moment that I respected my body. We were all going through difficult times and that wasn’t my priority at that moment. After that, I took my breath away and came back with everything, still at home.

‘I went 1 month without training and the body feels’, points out Camila Queiroz

Camila Queiroz felt a difference in the body during the isolation, but highlights the importance of maintaining sanity during this period. “I spent 1 month without training completely and it is obvious that the body feels. But I believe that, during the isolation, the main thing was to keep the mind healthy, as it was a moment of uncertainty. The most important thing at that moment was to look for something that would help me to maintain a balance, whether reading, watching movies and series or doing some exercise like yoga or meditation “, he encourages.

Camila Queiroz reveals the ideal look for training!

The actress photographed for the new Colcci Fitness campaign that brings two different lines, one focused on high performance and the other on fashion world. Camila Queiroz reveals that the union of these two universes is the perfect recipe for the daylook. “I’ve always been more basic to train. But lately I’ve been enjoying trying out the prints and doing the combinations of shorts / leggings with the top. I’m the type that works out in the morning and solves the day with gym clothes. I think this mix of performance and perfect fashionista, they complement each other “, she warns.

Camila Queiroz denies diet but warns: ‘Trying to lower sugar’

Camila Queiroz dispenses restricted diets, but invests in a healthy diet on a daily basis. “I can’t follow a diet. (Laughs) I try to have a more balanced diet during the week to be more relaxed on weekends. Nothing is forbidden, but I have been trying to reduce sugar since I am an ant,” says the actress from ” Secret Truths 2 “.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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