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The former lawyer of Podemos José Manuel Calvente explained last week as a witness before the judge of the National Court investigating why the content of the mobile phone stolen from the former adviser of Pablo Iglesias Dina Bousselham ended up in the archives of Commissioner Villarejo and went through at least two newsrooms. After confirming that, in her opinion, it was all a “montage” and a “hoax” orchestrated by the Podemos leadership, she provided the three options that, according to what she was told, explain why Iglesias ended up appearing as injured in the. cause.

“Let’s not fool ourselves. When Villarejo’s files were found, three possibilities were opened: Iglesias has been scared, because if Villarejo really has things and this gets into a cause, he will be filtered tomorrow and he will know the damage that he will do. Second, we can return to the sewer theme: I link it up and show that they have been haunting me. Third option: we are going to use this to paralyze a case in the Supreme Tribune, a cassation appeal and in fact it was used, “he declared to questions from Judge Manuel García Castellón.

During the declaration, to which ABC has had full access, Calvente focused on this issue and he stated that “we will have to ask the prosecutor” of the case, in direct reference to Ignacio Stampa, why he called Iglesias as injured if from Podemos, only the person of Dina Bousselham had been requested. «My idea was not to appear for Iglesias at least at that time and also the prosecutors told Alejandro Gámez and Marta Flor Nuñez (Podemos lawyers in the case), that all members in the chat are harmed, “he added.

Calvente, who even spoke of “collusion with the Prosecutor’s Office”, nevertheless acknowledged that at this stage they had already removed him from the matter because, in fact, he learned “from the press” that Bousselham and Iglesias had appeared in March 2020 in the National Court. According to her statement, she then called the head of the legal team, Gloria Elizo: «He confesses that they have been taking him secretly (the mentioned lawyers) because there was a strategy. They wanted to make a media theme of this matter ».

Regarding this strategy, he stated that according to what he learned –without specifying how or from whom– “a crisis committee was created between Irene Montero, Pablo Iglesias, Juanma del Olmo and Rafa Mayoral to manage this of the Villarejo case and there the whole strategy is designed ». «It is very simple: We are going to use the Villarejo case for political benefit. Through the contacts of Flor en Fiscalía we will get Iglesias to participate and it is better that they call him to declare that we present a brief, because we are at the expense of the judge admitting it and it may take time. If I have agreed to be called, it is much clearer that it will be faster and more efficient, “he said. «Here what they wanted to highlight Iglesias and that he was called by the Prosecutor’s Office as harmed by the State sewers, “he added.

To do this, always according to your version, “They have hidden that the captures were made by Dina.” “They have hidden important data”He detailed before the judge, to stress that when he was interested in this matter they “confessed” to him – again without identifying who – the truth. “They confess to me, Jose Manuel, don’t be stupid (…) you know what there is”.

As for why he understands that everything was a setup, he refers to the debate between members of the legal team that continued after the publication in OkDiario of the chat screenshots taken from Bousselham’s mobile. “What Gloria Elizo told us that the captures had been made by Dina with her own mobile and that the most probable thing is that he would have spread it to third parties and that those people would have leaked them to harm Iglesias ”, he commented.

However, Elizo herself, according to her version, imposed in July 2016, after the dissemination of the contents in the press, that the complaint for the theft be expanded. “In the end, gives the order to tell Dina to expand the complaint And the possible filtration is unfeasible for two reasons: because we are going to have to involve the entire chat as possible filters and by Dina herself, because if she has made the captures and has forwarded them, she will be harmed. With which the interested leak is ruled out (…) It was ruled out to go through the leak to avoid splashing people from the executive and Dina herself. Expanding the complaint was presented as a lesser evil, “she added.

«And team members insisted until the last moment ‘Let’s not denounce because this is going to turn against us’. He was presented to the complaint and since we did not know anything about the card, he presented himself without the card.

Also, it did not fit an issue and these are the dates because the robbery took place in November 2015. Calvo considers that if the patriotic police had been behind the maneuver “they would have gone with all the cavalry” against Iglesias and the information would have been published before the elections of December 18 or, at least, before those held in 2019. «It’s stupid».

Bousselham, in all this, had neither voice nor voteAccording to Calvente: “She is considered a militant and since she is a militant we can decide what that girl has to do. We can decide to expand the complaint, because the girl widens the complaint. There is no client freedom, no. She has done what she has been told to do.



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