At battle royale for the supremacy of gender, Call Of Duty: Warzone He came like few others to take the throne from the old king Fortnite.

While the game of Epic Games He had been on top of the world for about two years, from the moment he Activision announced a modality of battle royale for your franchise Call Of DutyIt was only a matter of time before the fall of Fortnite.

One of the great attractions of this relatively new genre is that most of the titles are free to playBut don’t believe for a second that video game companies are losing a penny; only in 2019, Epic Games declared profits of 3 billion dollars, thanks to the sale of cosmetic items in Fortnite.

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In a game with 150 people competing at once, cosmetic customizations, perhaps, charge a bit more in value than an ordinary person might believe.

Many gamers we feel identified and we dedicate hours to personalizing our “operator”.

For this very reason, Activision announces that it will make available in its Battle Pass Season 6 of the Call Of Duty: Warzone, to the character: Farah, a heroine who is part of history in the campaign of the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Farah It comes from an invented country, but which we could place in an approximate position between the Black Sea and the Aral Sea, an area from which, to date, it is difficult to obtain information and certain guerrillas could explode at any time.

In the game, the character of Farah He has always fought for the liberation of his people, and is a great and veteran operator respected by himself Capitan Price.

The skin of Farah it automatically unlocks at level 0 of the Season 6 Battle Pass in its base mode, but has other styles to unlock.

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The inclusion of characters like Farah it is very important for the community gamer.

Just playing a game like WarzoneGiven his popularity, with a character that seeks to empower women, it is something that, at least for me, is an almost automatic choice.

Obviously, I am not an operator fighting to the death in a fictional Russian city, but with this new character, it seems to me that the possibilities of feeling represented as a woman open up.