Dan Bittman also provoked various reactions in the artists’ guild, after the soloist of the band Holograf made controversial statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The singer is convinced that everything is a manipulation, and the number of cases would have been “inflated” by the authorities.

Călin Geambaşu also gave a reply to Bittman:

“Why, Dane? There is no need for ardor now, when hospitals all over Romania (and not only) are fighting an unprecedented battle. I, too, have fought all my life against forced rigor, but now is not the time for it. It is difficult for all artists during this period, but we cannot usurp the right of other people to complain about difficulties that may be greater than ours and at the same time we cannot omit that other colleagues find it much harder than us (actors, dancers, acrobats, rental companies with many employees).

Nor can we suspect the authorities of any form of sadism, as the same restrictive measures have been taken in all countries until the daily number of cases has dropped significantly. Nobody has anything to do with us Romanians. Countries that reported victories were quarantined twice. We, only once. Gradual, weighted measures have been tried, and essential activities are now being left open. Even parties were allowed during the summer … It will be fine, but only with patience and discipline can weIjini work for those in hospitals and to gradually return to a normal life “, Călin Geambaşu transmitted.

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