Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as forest and wildfires that have ravaged California in recent weeks have reached the famous Napa Valley area from their viticulture.

The loss of vineyards is one concrete reminder of the negative effects of climate change. Studies show that California fires are a direct result of rising global average temperatures, and in the future, state residents will have to get used to them more often.

Los Angeles Times According to the magazine, Napa Valley hit the flame sea route early Monday morning. The largest city in the area, Santa Rosa, suffered a previous major fire just three years ago.

The storm wind spreads the flames so fast that rescuers can’t stop them.

49 years old Jes Sihota had sent his family away from Santa Rosa’s home, but remained to protect the building himself. Sihota had watered the roof of his home with a garden hose.

– I’m not a cowboy. I just don’t want to lose my home, he said The Press Democrat magazine.

More than a thousand rescuers are on hand, but the task feels overwhelming, even though there are also five extinguishing helicopters in use.

More than 30 people have already died in California fires, which have also lifted a large cloud of ashes over big cities. Crown regulations have also hampered evacuation efforts by the authorities.

Studies according to, climate change has made wildfires even more intense and they are now becoming more frequent. Rising temperatures, dry air, low rainfall and strong winds are all making the situation worse.