In the Talent Finland competition in 2007, he was ranked in the top three, and later in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest, The Voice of Finland singing competition and the New Music Competition and the UK’s The X Factor competition. Saara Aalto, 33, has had time and time again to prove his skills.

Cafe Lanzarote In the most recent episode of the podcast, he ponders what measures success in general.

– In Finland I don’t perform at big music festivals. Sometimes I wonder if I should feel any worse about it, that I am not even asked to perform somewhere in Ruisrock.

– Well, actually, when I think about my life, I never thought that my dream would be to get on the stage of Ruisrock, Aalto says.

In the podcast, she says she dreamed of very different things: the role or singing of the Disney princess Andrea Bocellin with. He has already done both things.

– They have been my dream, that is, on my meter I have been as successful as a pig, Aalto sums up.

However, there is one problem with large pallets. They have little direct contact with the audience.

– When making big stages, you can’t see the audience when there are such lights. You’re just alone there on stage in a bubble and you’re doing that show, but you don’t have oo like any contact.

– It’s annoying to admit that well, damn, I love big stages, but actually I get a lot more out of those little gigs, because that’s where I can communicate with people, Aalto says.