This Friday, C. Tangana has released You stopped loving me, his new song with La Húngara and El Niño de Elche with a style that he himself has defined as “rumbachata”. “I could have written this song when I was 15 years old when the fairs,” said the artist, since the reality it represents is most authentic. But many of her fans have opined that what she reflects reminds a bit of Rosalía’s story.

The subject has been highly valued, not only by its followers, but by artists of the stature of Rosario Flores, which has qualified it as “original and beautiful“, Y Antonio Carmona (Ketama vocalist), who assured that the Madrilenian was “more gypsythat all of them.

As you did with Too many women, It is single It has a painting as cover painted by the Catalan Iván Floro, and in the case of You stopped loving me shows a young woman sitting on a bench dancing flamenco.

The rumbachata, bench music“wrote C. Tangana in the advance published on his social networks. And with the teasers that he launched, users have already begun to see references to Rosalía.

Not only the rhythm has reminded the style of the Catalan, who was the boyfriend until 2018, but many have pointed out that the young woman who appears is her, as she recognized that discovered the music of Camarón dancing flamenco on a park bench.

But also, in the video clip you can see a plane in the sky, which could be a reference to the topic Before i die by C. Tangana and Rosalía, and the singer also appears inside the cabin in true style With height of the artist with J Balvin.

Further, The Hungarian says the classic “take that takes” Rosalía, which is not a phrase that the Catalan created, but it is very characteristic of hers along with “tra tra”.