Buyer wanted for the record John Lennon signed to his killer

The copy of Double Fantasy that Mark Chapman made the musician sign a few hours before shooting him. How much they can afford to pay.

The story seems like a movie, a horror story. A few days after the 40th anniversary of his death, it goes up for auction the LP that John Lennon signed to Mark David Chapman, his murderer, a few hours before he killed him, on December 8, 1980.

This is a copy of the album Double Fantasy bearing the signature of the British musician. The disc belonged to his killer, Mark David Chapman which then went through two other owners before arriving at this auction that will be held on Monday, November 23 at the Goldin Auctions house.

The musician signed the album for Chapman when he and his wife, Yoko Ono, left their house, in the Dakota building in New York, to go to the Record Plant recording studio. It was five in the afternoon on that Monday, December 8. About five and a half hours later, Chapman would shoot Lennon in the back, in that same place in front of Central Park.

That afternoon, after Lennon signed the copy of the record for him, Chapman hid in a big pot next to the Dakota building entrance and waited until the couple returned home. As the former Beatle walked down the sidewalk, Chapman pointed and fired four shots. Two hit the back and two hit Lennon’s shoulder, who died at the scene.

The album Double Fantasy he was still behind that flowerpot, where he was found, a few meters away, in the same place where the murderer had hidden.

An employee of the Dakota building was the one who noticed and turned it over to the police. The signed album served as evidence in the case. After the trial, the Justice returned the disc to the employee with a letter of thanks from the prosecutor in the case.

Later, the album continued its journey. In 1999, it was bought by a person who paid $ 150,000. The object was acquiring more and more historical value and more morbid and in 2010, it was sold again for $ 850,000.

In the auction that will take place next Monday, it is expected to reach the $ 2 million.

The copy to be auctioned bears Lennon’s signature and the year, 1980, written on the photo of the musician and Yoko Ono that illustrate the cover. In addition, it preserves various marks made by the Police when he had it in his possession as evidence of the crime. Whoever acquires it will also take a certificate of authenticity and a protective support.

After five years of self-exile and dedicated to his family life, John Lennon released the album Double Fantasy that marked his return to the ring. Made with his wife Yoko Ono, the album portrays, through songs, that stage of life in common and the enthusiasm for starting a new cycle.

Only three weeks after its release, Lennon was assassinated, what it granted to Double Fantasy an extra share of nostalgia and significance, beyond the musical.

In the year that marks the 80th anniversary of Lennon’s birth, in addition to the 40th since his death, Chapman remains in prison for the crime. From prison, he apologized for having killed the former Beatle, in a recording that was made public.

The murderer describes his murder as “a despicable act” that he has not stopped thinking about for decades.

At 65 (he was barely 25 when he declared himself a fan of Lennon and killed him), Chapman, after having asked for parole that was denied, now ensures that it deserves the death penalty. His sentence is still life imprisonment.




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