Button understood Hamilton’s penalty. “Should not have aborted action.”

Lewis Hamilton was penalized a time for his part in the collision of Max Verstappen with him at the British Grand Prix. Jenson Button, a former Formula 1 driver, understands why Hamilton was punished. However it is difficult to pinpoint one.

When the British Grand Prix began, it was just half an hour old. Max VerstappenOn Lewis HamiltonCopse Corner was where they collided. The contact between the drivers caused the Dutchman to slide off the track and come into contact with the tire stacks. The Dutchman managed to get out of the wreckage by himself and was later subjected at the local hospital to scans. He was then released from the hospital on Sunday evening. Hamilton was deemed the most at fault for the collision by race officials. He was therefore given a ten second penalty for the collision, which he paid during his one pit stop on his way to Silverstone victory.

During and after the race, there was much discussion around the guilt question and the amount Hamilton received in penalty. Jenson ButtonHe understands his doubts but also sees why race management blamed his McLaren former teammate. “It is difficult to formulate a clear answer to who was wrong. Lewis was the one who placed someone in the wall, so I understand Lewis’ penalty,” he explained. Sky Sports F1. Button is influenced by the fact that Verstappen made room for Hamilton from the inside.

“Lewis was almost wrong, but I don’t think that’s the most important aspect – that is that Max left enough space. However, it is very difficult to navigate that corner from the inside at that speed. Lewis should have stopped his action at the speed he was driving,” says the 2009 world champion. “He misjudged his apex. It’s not a shame, because he drives at incredible speed and has an angle that makes it difficult to turn. He approached. He missed the apex. There was not enough room for two cars. It is not common to place him in this corner. Normally you drive for it if you make an attempt at that point.”

Also Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World Champion Sky SportsHe shines his light on the highly-discussed clash between the title rivals. Button has a different perspective. “Lewis left him on the inside and really bet that Max would give up, but he didn’t. I am sure Max knew Lewis was there, but he didn’t take it into account enough. Hill observed Hamilton being more aggressive at Silverstone than ever before, which speaks volumes about his plans for the remainder of the season. “It was a risky move by Lewis. It made his intentions very clear. He’s not going let this pass without showing his street fighting qualities. That way he wants to take back his lead.”

Coronel – Hamilton’s action against Verstappen was not up to the belt


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